Jessica (jesscoll) wrote in plagiocephaly,

Day Five in Helmet

An update on my son Jonathan:

Jonathan completed physical therapy for torticollis in April and saw some improvement in his head shape.  From March 3 to April 22, his cephalic ratio decreased from 92.3% to 87.1%.  His asymmetry remained 16mm, so we decided to go ahead with a helmet.

We've had quite the time getting an appointment with a neurosurgeon -- even in a big city like Houston.  One specialist's wait was until September!  Our pediatrician finally wrote the script herself, and Jonathan was fitted for a STARband last week.  We received the helmet on Thursday, and Jonathan has been progressing on the wearing schedule.

Last night was his first time to wear it through the night, and he did so well -- he didn't wake up at all.  I really hope last night wasn't a fluke.  *crossing fingers*

We've been out to IHOP and a mall while wearing the helmet -- no snide comments yet.  We've had quite a few looks and even a few pointing fingers, though.

Otherwise, I know Jonathan is unaffected, and I'm fairly okay, too.  Decorating with stickers really did help the helmet seems less medical.  And after seeing him wear it for increasing amounts of time, his head seems so small and weird and naked without it.  Strange, huh?
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Andy is funny when we take his helmet off. He feels around for it and gets this concerned look on his face like part of his head is missing. It's funny he's at the stage of rolling around and pulling himself up and getting into trouble and the helmet has saved his head several bumps. Some day soon I need to post pictures of how we decorated his helmet. It's amazing what a difference some color and stickers make. We got for the 2nd adjustment appointment this Friday. I should get my butt in gear and post an update with pictures though.
Andrew was really good with his helmet. Literally, it was as if he didn't have it on. He too slept soundly through the nights with it, so it's likely not a fluke. As far as people commenting, we never heard anything negative from people, just questions as to the purpose of it. I hope Jonathan continues to handle wearing the helmet as well as Andrew did! From the sounds of it though, I don't think that will be an issue. Good luck!!