Wilde (oscariswilde) wrote in plagiocephaly,

Band Fitting

With there not being a whole lot going on here. I'm hoping my updates on Andy's progress and the steps of getting a band will help someone else out there.

Anyways. I was really nervous before the fitting. Worried about how my little boy would look with a band, what other people would think, how I would feel about taking him out and about. I think part of the reason I have these fears is I think I've seen 2 other kids my entire life with a band. The first time I had no clue what it was for and thought the kid had some head injury or something. The 2nd time it was after I knew and that kid still looked cute but really they just don't appear to be common at all.

We got to the appointment. They showed me how to put on the helmet, and then we waiting for 15 minutes to see how the fit was and they filled out my FMLA paperwork during that time. They came back and checked Andy, went over the red spots on his head and took the helmet to shave off a little bit for a better fit. Came back and checked to see how much the red spots had faded and had me put the helmet on, went over the care of the helmet and steps for the next week. We scheduled his next appointment and were off. Oddly enough I left and had no more worries about how he looked. It was like I'd had that weight lifted off my shoulders. I mean he's still my cute little boy and I love him regardless of how he looks but really it doesn't look that bad. While we were out and about the next 1.5 days we still got as many or more comments on how cute he was. I even heard a few comments about oh look that baby has a band like so and so, or there's what a band looks like. Obviously others have a clue what they are and my baby is still just as cute as always.

The only downside in the 3 days or so with the band is when Andy falls asleep in my arms having the band against my arms can be a bit uncomfortable but usually a little shifting around allows me to find a comfortable position so nothing too horrible. I swear I think Andy likes the helmet cause everytime we put it on he smiles.

Next step:
Decorating the helmet! I'm going to take a stab at this sometime this week. We are painting it a tannish color and will then paint some trees and grass on it and put his safari animal stickers on it. Hopefully I can do a decent job. I'll get some pictures of the process and go over what we used and pros and cons of it.
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