Little Bean Diapers (momof4blessings) wrote in plagiocephaly,
Little Bean Diapers


Name/Nickname: Christi
Age: 29
Gender: female
Location: north carolina

# of Children: 4
Are you Planning on Any More?: TTC now :)
What are Your Hobbies? sewing, being with my husband and children :)
What Do You Do? Work/SAH/School? WAHM
Do You Have Any Pets? Dog (Airborne)

Do You Feel That Your Health Care System Made Enough of an Attempt at Awarness Regarding These Issues? NO
Are You Here for Opinions On Whether or Not to Get it Checked Out? Nope been there done that
Has Your Child Been Diagnosed? With What? 3rd child severe plagio and torticollis
If so, When Did Your Child Get Diagnosed, and What Stage Are You At? Doc band grad
Have You Tried Repositioning? Yes torticollis kept that from helping
Was Repositioning Successful For You? No
So Then, What's Your Story?
What Is or Has Been Your Biggest Difficulty With Everything? Traveling to treatment facility every week or two. Fighting the military health care for coverage
What Is or Has Been Your Biggest Triumph? TRICARE finally paid for 2 bands plus travel and Myas head got great results! Tort was resolved!
How Have People Around You Reacted Family/friends/strangers/doctors/etc? Lots of questions but generally very supportive. Some had there own OPINIONS
Do You Have Any Tips to Share With the Group? Not sure but would love to see if I could help or offer encouragent to other parents :)

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Hey there! :) Good to meet you. I'm Cristi, my son graduated from the DOCband a year ago :)
I know this is weird, but I got a little bit of code mixed up between a few of my styles when I was creating the layout for the community, and didn't notice that it had set so that each subject began with "in my dreams.." and then the subject line. I've tried switching it, but because it follows last subject, every time I change it it defaults back to "in my dreams" because your post has a subject. Would you mind editing your post in the community to delete the subject for now so I can see if I can fix this? (It was made on October 19th, 05)
i just deleted my subject :)